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We specialize in writing extraordinary children's stories that leave a lasting impression. Our passionate team of writers is dedicated to bringing your ideas to fruition, be it writing children's books, creating captivating storylines, or developing an engaging children's book outline. With our professional services, your literary dreams are just a pen-stroke away!

Explore Our 6-Step Children's Book Writing Process


Immerse yourself in the world of imagination and find the perfect idea for your children's book. Let creativity take the lead.

Plotting & Outlining

Craft a compelling children's book outline that paves the way for an enthralling journey through your story.

Character Development

Create endearing characters that children can relate to and root for in every twist and turn.

Crafting the Tale

Write children's stories that flow like poetry, weaving magic through every page and leaving young minds spellbound.

Illustration & Design

Collaborate with skilled illustrators to breathe life into your narrative, turning words into mesmerizing visuals.


Edit, refine, and polish your masterpiece, ensuring it resonates with readers of all ages and stands the test of time.

Crafting Timeless Children's Books Beloved by Millions

Our exceptional writing services have garnered immense trust from countless parents, teachers, and children alike. With a focus on writing children's stories that enchant and educate, we take pride in being the preferred choice for those seeking the magic of storytelling. Experience the joy of writing a captivating children’s story with us!

All-Inclusive Children's Book Writing Services

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Picture Books

Immerse young readers in a world of vibrant visuals and heartwarming narratives with our enchanting picture books. From whimsical tales of friendly animals to imaginative adventures in far-off lands, our picture books are meticulously crafted to engage young minds and instill a lifelong love for reading. Each page is brought to life with captivating illustrations, creating a magical reading experience that sparks the imagination and fosters creativity.

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Early Readers

Ignite the joy of independent reading with our carefully crafted early reader books. Designed to strike the perfect chord with young learners' curiosity, these stories feature simple yet engaging plotlines that encourage children to embark on their reading journey with confidence. Our early reader books are thoughtfully tailored to support early literacy development, making every page an exciting steppingstone towards literacy mastery and a world of endless possibilities.

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Middle-Grade Fiction

Unleash the boundless adventures and relatable experiences of preteens with our captivating middle-grade fiction. Every story in this collection is carefully chosen to entertain and resonate with the target age group, making young readers feel seen, understood, and inspired. Whether it's exploring fantastical realms, solving thrilling mysteries, or navigating the ups and downs of friendship, our middle-grade fiction sparks the spirit of exploration and imagination, leaving an indelible impact on young hearts.

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Young Adult (YA) Fiction

For older readers on the cusp of adulthood, our Young Adult (YA) fiction weaves immersive narratives that delve into the complexities of adolescence and the human experience. Each story is an emotional rollercoaster, capturing the raw emotions, challenges, and triumphs that resonate deeply with YA readers. From coming-of-age tales of self-discovery to gripping adventures in magical realms, our YA fiction takes readers on transformative journeys that inspire personal growth, empathy, and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

What Sets Us Apart? - Your Trusted Children's Book Writer

At Ghost writing Genie, we wholeheartedly embody the passion for kids' book writing, and our literary gems leave an indelible mark on young hearts and curious minds alike. Our commitment to providing professional children's book writing services goes beyond crafting mere stories; we weave enchanting tales that spark the imagination and ignite a love for reading. What sets us apart as specialists in book writing for kids is that young readers adore is the dedication of our team of skilled writers who pour their hearts into every narrative.

We understand the significance of stories that inspire, educate, and entertain young readers. Thus, our creative process is fueled by empathy, sensitivity, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. Collaborating with us means embarking on an unforgettable journey where storytelling is an art form carefully tailored to resonate with young audiences.

Hire a children's book writer from our company, and create literary masterpieces that captivate, inspire, and leave an everlasting impression on young hearts and minds.

We are proud to have worked with some of the notable authors worldwide. Ghost writing Genie has enabled a broad range of authors produce successful books.

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We breathe life into captivating tales that ignite young minds and leave a lasting impression.

Our skilled team specializes in writing children's stories that resonate with diverse age groups.

We understand your vision and bring it to fruition, ensuring your story is authentic and heartwarming.

Together, we shape your ideas, develop compelling characters, and create mesmerizing visuals.

We are dedicated to delivering top-notch children's book writing services that inspire and entertain.

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Our clients from a broad range of genres put their trust in us and we never disappoint them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the genre and plot of your book, it may take us 5 to 6 months to write a book from scratch. Terms and conditions apply based on the number of pages, revisions required, and editing process.

Of course! This is what we do! Hire our online book writers and we will take care of the rest.

It may cost you a little fortune but rest assured, you will have great returns on investments later on.

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