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Embrace Excellence with Our Trusted Video Book Trailer Craftsmanship

Recognized as one of the best creators of book trailers, we bring an unmatchable fusion of passion, expertise, and creativity. Our finely tuned book trailer videos are not only engaging, but they also resonate with readers of all ages, including kids.

At the heart of our operations, trust and professionalism are woven into every project we handle. We pour our collective knowledge into creating the best book trailers, ensuring your book garners the attention it deserves. From suspenseful thrillers to whimsical book trailers for kids, our portfolio spans across a wide spectrum.

Your Journey with Our Video Book Trailer Process

Creative Brief

The foundation of our professional book trailers is your vision. Share your thoughts, and we'll build a strategic and creative approach, ensuring your ideas are given the spotlight they deserve.

Storyboard Development

A meticulous plan is key to a successful project. We design a detailed storyboard that serves as our roadmap, capturing all the essential elements of your book trailer video.


Our production phase turns concepts into reality. High-quality equipment, expert cinematographers, and a seasoned production team collaborate to capture compelling visuals for kid book trailers and adult book trailers alike.


For kid book trailers, our proficient animation team generates lively, relatable, and intriguing visuals. We design characters and scenes that not only entertain but also spark young imaginations.


The refinement stage where we edit, add music and special effects, and polish your book trailer video to perfection. Whether it's to convey suspense, romance, or adventure, our post-production phase ensures your trailer resonates with the right emotion.


Once your trailer is ready, it's time for the spotlight. We assist with effective launch strategies, driving attention and interest toward your trailer, ensuring it stands among the good book trailers, and, of course, is well-received by your audience.

Unearth Unprecedented Success with the Best Video Book Trailer Services for Hire

Allow us to elevate your narrative with our professional book trailers. Our tailored book trailer video services ensure that your book leaves an indelible imprint on every viewer.

Our Diverse Book Trailer Production Range Of Services

Ghost writing Genie

Cinematic Trailers

Step into the cinematic dimension with our grandiose video production trailers. These trailers encompass stunning visuals, high-quality sound effects, and compelling storytelling that capture the heart of your book in an awe-inspiring, movie-like experience.

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Blurb Trailer

Quick, succinct yet highly effective. Our Blurb video book trailers encapsulate your story's soul in a short video, perfect for viewers who want a tantalizing taste of your narrative without giving too much away.

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Animated Trailer

Let your story dance to life with our animated book trailer production. We create captivating animations that perfectly cater to a young demographic, transforming your tale into a visual delight for kids.

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Author Profile

Highlight your journey as an author with our video production books. These services portray your writing process, your inspirations, and your journey, building a deeper connection with your readers.

Advantages of Hiring Our Book Trailer Services

Step into the innovative world of marketing with our professional book trailer services. Designed to stir curiosity and evoke emotions, our book trailer videos act as the perfect teaser to your written work. We believe in not just telling, but showing your story in a dynamic, visually engaging way that draws in potential readers like a magnet.

Catering to a broad demographic, our team crafts compelling trailers tailored to your target audience, whether they're adults or kids. For young readers, our book trailers for kids are designed to be vibrant, engaging, and fun, capturing their imagination right from the first frame.

Our video production of books is more than just promotional tools. They're a testament to your story's essence, encapsulated in a stunning visual narrative. Each video is a bridge between you and potential readers, a unique platform to exhibit your creativity and attract the readership your book deserves.

We are proud to have worked with some of the notable authors worldwide. Ghost writing Genie has enabled a broad range of authors produce successful books.

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Why Choose Us?

Our video production trailers are crafted by industry veterans who prioritize quality above all. Every frame is meticulously produced to offer your viewers an immersive experience.

We recognize that every author and book is unique. Our bespoke services are tailored to match your individual needs, ensuring that the trailer remains true to your book's spirit.

Our team is not afraid to push the creative envelope. We employ innovative strategies to create the best book trailers, captivating audiences with our out-of-the-box designs and compelling storytelling.

From kid book trailers to complex cinematic trailers, we offer a wide array of services under one roof. Every aspect of your book trailer video is managed by our experienced team, ensuring a seamless, worry-free experience.

Give your viewers a movie-like experience. Our cinematic video production book trailers are grand, engaging, and meticulously crafted to leave a lasting impact.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Our clients from a broad range of genres put their trust in us and we never disappoint them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the genre and plot of your book, it may take us 5 to 6 months to write a book from scratch. Terms and conditions apply based on the number of pages, revisions required, and editing process.

Of course! This is what we do! Hire our online book writers and we will take care of the rest.

It may cost you a little fortune but rest assured, you will have great returns on investments later on.

Contact Ghost writing Genie today and our agent will walk your through the process of book writing.